Kindle eBook Reader

by Marcel 20 March 2011

Kindle eBook Reader

I'm a bit of a late starter as far as eReaders go. Although I love reading books, consuming at least 3-4 per month, I found eReaders too expensive and I couldn't let go of the experience of a 'real' book...

But when Amazon released their 3rd generation Kindle Reader late July I was one of the first to order. 

It arrived a few days after the official release date and I couldn't wait to get started. The packaging comprises of a few items:

  • the Kindle eReader itself
  • a Quickstart Guide
  • A US charger with micro USB cable (international customers sometimes only receive the USB cable)

I also ordered the Lighted Kindle cover, to protect the reader and for reading in bed.

First thing you notice is the screen, it does not look like the kind of screen you are used to from a laptop, monitor or TV, it looks kind of, well fake. But in fact it is the best screen you could hope for on a book-like device, crisp text, great contrast and best of all great to read outside (even in direct sunlight)

I loaded up a few free Kindle ebooks and got started reading, the screen flash on page turns is a little unnerving at first, but now I don't even notice it, it's quicker than turning a page in a real book, and much much easier, especially with one hand. (It's great when holding the baby!)

Battery life is as good as Amazon says, with mine lasting well over two weeks between charges (with WiFi on and using the reading light) and about a month with Wi-Fi switched off.

Reading in the bath is also great, some use a zip-lock bag to protect their kindle, but I prefer the KwikTek Dry Pak as it really is waterproof and isn't shiny.

All in all, a great device, I'm even considering getting a Kindle DX reader for reading work documentation and PDF files.

I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle eBook reader, personally I feel it is the best value for money at the moment, it's a great device!


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