Samsung NF210 netbook review

by Marcel 22 March 2011

Samsung NF210 Netbook

When you open up the packaging and reveal this little netbook, your first thoughts will be 'Wow! that's different.'

Whether you like the design or not (I actually quite like it) you can't deny that Samsung have done a great job on the NF-210. It's a solid, well built netbook with some nice finishing touches.

With a dual core atom processor running four threads it's more than up to any task the average netbook will ever need to accomplish. The second core definitely helps when running more than one application at a time with a virus scanner in the background, sharing the load whenever things get a little heavy.

The keyboard, while not full-size is a dream to type on with it's 'chiclet' type keys, it fells natural and solid, typing is a breeze. Startup from sleep is incredibly quick, within a few seconds you can continue with your work, and the connection with a bluetooth mouse is almost instant.

Unfortunately, you only get 1GB of memory with the machine, but it is very easy to upgrade, for about 20 euros you can get a 2GB stick of DDR3 SoDimm memory, it really does make a difference!

It really has everything you need; Blutooth 3.0, WLAN, SD Card Reader, a Webcam, 250 GB hard drive, 3 USB ports, and best of all, 10 hours of battery life!

All in all, a great little machine, it performs well, is eye catching and you can work all day on it without a recharge, I can definitely recommend it!

You can buy the Samsung NF210 at Amazon.


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