Razor blades are expensive, let them live longer

by Marcel 15 March 2011

Razor blades

This is a great tip I came across a while back, as we all know razor blades are expensive, lasting only a few weeks before they have become blunt and need to be thrown away. Yes, you can save money by buying cheaper blades at LIDL or ALDI, but most of us prefer the quality of better known brands even though they cost so much more.

I always thought that it was the shaving process that slowly dulled the blades, making them useless after a few weeks, but that is apparently not the case. The blades lose their sharpness due to corrosion, which is caused by moisture.

So, the answer is dry your razor blades after use! That's it, do this and your blades will last much, much longer, I now average about 2-3 months before I have to replace the blade.

My bathroom is nice and sunny in the morning, so after rinsing the blade I let it dry in the window sill. If it's overcast I'll grab the wife's hairdryer to give it a quick dry-blow.

Simple, effective and with significant savings, what more could you want?



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