Can an eBook Reader save you money?

by Marcel 19 March 2011

Amazon Kindle

How can buying a €150.- gadget save you money? If you're a heavy reader and you don't necessarily have to have the newest bestsellers it can actually save you lots of money!

I love reading, and will generally go to the book store once or twice a month to buy a '3 for the price of 2' bundle, or rummage around in the bargain bins, I don't usually buy the latest bestsellers. Buying bargain books can be a bit of a hit and miss affair, but generally almost all boks are of good quality and highly enjoyable reading.

But, I'm averaging about €30.- a month on books, buy buying an ebook reader I will save enough money to have paid it off in 5 months, and after that I can save the money for other things, maybe even buying a top seller every now and again!

So how does it work? is there really so much free reading material available? Yes there is, there are a number of great resources for free books.

First of all there's the MobileRead forums, where a large number of contributors add new books daily. These are books that are copyright free, thus fully legal to download and consume. You can find the books in the MobileRead eBook Forum. For help they have a How to download page.

At KindleBoards Book Bazaar you can find a list of Free book finds and also Bargain book finds. Many Kindle books at Amazon are free for a limited period of time and are almost always of good quality.

Also there are a number of independant publishers, often they will have the first book of a series available for free, and if you like it you can buy the follow-up books, these books usually only cost about 99 cents, and are more than often great reads.

Other resources for free eBooks:

So as you can see, after getting an eReader you don't ever have to pay for another book again, it's free and best of all, it's legal!

I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle eBook reader, personally I feel it is the best value for money at the moment, it's a great device!



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