Save Money on Electrical Goods and Gadgets

by Marcel 21 March 2011

Sometimes it's stuff you need (like a memory card for your camera), sometimes it's just stuff you want (like a remote control helicopter) and often it's a gift for someone else.

Gadgets, toys and technology products can be very expensive if you're buying them from the High street, but if you have the time and can wait for the delivery, you can order them direct from China for enormous savings. My favourite two websites are and Both have their good and bad points, Focal Price is usually quicker when it comes to sending the goods, but Deal Extreme has a larger product line to choose from.

The prices are amazingly low, and they always include Postage and Packing in the price! As far as I know they are the cheapest suppliers of Chinese goods that you can find.

Also note, when you find cheap goods on eBay, they are usually sourcing the goods from one of these two stores, and although the eBay price seems cheap, they have been marked up. So buy direct from the original supplier.

So, browse around, and have almost everything you can imagine. 



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