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by Marcel 7 May 2011

I just received the following message from Irene McDonald from It looks like a great idea to help people earn that little bit extra, hope it takes off!

There is no need for me to tell you how difficult things have been for the Irish nation recently. What with job losses and taxes and now more charges, not to mention increases in our mortgages. Seems like money is constantly pouring out of our pockets.

But this is not an email of woe. I send this to you with a message of hope for Ireland!

Over the last number of months I have been ‘thinking outside the box’, for ways for the average Irish person, to make a few extra quid.

So, during my search for the ultimate ‘earn online website’....I stumbled upon a new money making idea, created by two Israeli's, called It is a social marketplace website, that facilitates buying and selling of services from other users for US$5. I joined and soon was earning a fair amount of fivers online for my ‘Gigs’. The only problem was that when the US$ converted to Euro, my hard earned Fivers were allot less than I had bargained. Entrepreneurial paddy that I am, I decided that it was time for Ireland to get back to basics and start earning Fiver’s too, but in Euro’s.

And so, was born. It has just launched and we are asking people ''What are YOU willing to do for 5 euro? is a promising website, where Irish people can join and post their mini-jobs (or gigs) and receive the fair sum of 5 Euro for their trouble! Yes, you can get anything from electric guitar lessons for a fiver to getting your hair cut for a fiver. All lay persons and businesses alike must get back to basics and start giving great value and in return they will get great value too.

So, how does it work? People join the site post their jobs or gigs they are willing to do for 5 euro and the best part is, joining is absolutely FREE! promises to give Ireland great value for money. I mean, where else would you get computer programming done for a fiver? Users can post as many 'Gigs' as they like e.g; I will give you a 'shout out' or a 'plug' on my radio show for 5 Euro , I can do a voice-over on your radio ad for five euro''. I can design your restaurant menu for five euro or I will print out 150 business flyers for you for a Fiver! People must get their thinking caps on and get inventive. What are your talents and strengths. Or more importantly...what are you willing to do for 5 euro? The buyer can 'order' the gig. The seller delivers the 'Gig' and they get rated by a positive and negative feedback system. Easy Peezy. The more people that join and post their gigs online, the more people can trade on and get Five Euro deals! Ireland’s phoenix is well and truly scorched, but it will rise again, albeit fiver by fiver.

Here's to the success of FiverIreland and to earning a load of fivers!


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5/20/2011 12:06:27 PM #

I joined Fiver Ireland and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a great site and lets the average joe earn a few pound at home.

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