Cheerson CX-10 won't take off

by Marcel 10 April 2015

If you're new to quadcopter/drones like me and you need to replace a rotor on your Cheerson CX10 (or CX10a) after breaking it, make sure you use the correct one! There are actually two different type of rotors, one for the left turning motors and one for the right... make sure you use the correct one otherwise your drone will not fly.

If you're having trouble with getting the CX10 off the ground, try holding your hand above it, if you feel a rush of air coming from it you have the incorerct rotor installed. (ie. it's pushing air up instead of down)

Probably very obvious to experienced quadcopter owners, but it took me a while to work it out, I thought I'd killed my little drone :(




Remote Control

Use a broken tablet as a Minecraft PE server

by Marcel 17 September 2014

Have you got a tablet with a broken screen? Does it still function with a mouse (bluetooth or USB on the go)? Then why not turn it into a Minecraft PE server?

After using Pocketmine for a few days on a hosted server I was a little disappointed with the performance, so I decided to host it myself. First thing I looked at was using Pocktmine on a RasberryPi, but this also had a few drawbacks, firstly Pocketmine misses some features (namely Mobs, which my kids really missed), and also the RaspberryPi is not the most powerful of devices, so I decided to look further.

Then I remembered that I had an old Nexus 7 with a broken screen lying upstairs in the attic doing nothing. The touch screen did not work at all, but with a mouse I could still configure it, so I started my new project...

Actually it was extremely easy to setup, here are the instructions:

Reset the device

You can skip this step if you want, but I wanted a 'clean' device. (And it only takes a few minutes)

  • Reset your device Options -> Backup & reset
  • Your tablet will restart and reconfigure itself
  • Enter your WiFi details and then your Google account details.
  • Install Minecraft PE

Install and configure a 'Keep alive' App

To avoid your device going into sleep mode you'll need a 'keep alive' app. Search the store for 'keep alive' 'stay awake' etc. to find an app that suits you, I use Stay Alive! Keep screen awake

Start Minecraft PE and create a new world

Start Minecraft and create a new world. In options you can leave the Game name as 'Steve', but I changed mine to 'Server'. ('God' is also an option Wink)

You should now be able to connect from another tablet and play in the new world you've just created. (Take note of the IP address of the 'Server' you are connecting to, you'll need it in the next step if you want to allow external connections)

Allowing connections from outside your network

To allow others from outside your network to connect you'll need to configure the 'Port Forwarding' of your router, the port you'll need to forward is 19132. To make things just a little bit safer you can forward a different port number, in my example below I forward port number 31313 -> 19132.

The settings are:

  • Public port - The port number you are exposing to the internet, this is the port number you'll need to use when outside your network.
  • Target IP address - The IP Address of your 'server' tablet. (you got this in the previous step)
  • Target Port Range - 19132 (unless you've changed this in your settings)
  • Protocol - UDP

Port forwarding settings for Minecraft PE on my router, your router may differ but the basics should be the same.

Now you should be able to connect from outside the network, if you don't know how to connect to an external Minecraft PE server you can follow these instructions


  • If you don't know your external IP address, type 'What is my IP' in Google
  • If you don't have a static IP address, you can use a service like
  • Not sure how much this helps, but on the 'server' tablet I have all graphics options set to their lowest setting (and sound off)
  • For adding/removing extra features like flying, day/night in Creative mode, try using PocketInvEditor 


  • You cannot skip nights by sleeping, because the 'Server' player also needs to sleep at the same time, which is not possible in our situation.


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